About Us

    Quantic Games is an indie video game development studio; it started operations in the year 2006.

    Our first 3 games were made using the XNA from Microsoft, these games are Pong Clone, Pac-Man Clone and Lode Runner Clone, all three games were made with free assets from the web and no commercial version of those are available.

    Later in 2009 we moved to UDK; in the 2010 we made Aventura, an adventure game based on the oldiest venture 3d; on 2011 Trianglix, an agility game; both games don’t have any commercial version out there and where made using free assets from the web too.

    Our currents projects are in development using Unreal Engine 4, but we also colaborate with others indie studios that work with Unity 3D.

    Quantic Games

    Quantic Games


Tools used in our daily work developing video games.


Third person action aventure game made with UDK.

Lode Runner Clone

A clone of the oldiest Lode Runner made with XNA framework.

Stellar 2D

Fast paced arcade space shooter, made with Unity 3D.

Our Team

Programmer, AI, Gameplay, Level Design.

Vincenzo Ravo

Game Designer

Social media & SEO specialist.

Aura Monzon

Social Media

Graphic Designer, 2D Animator, UI Designer.

Katerine Barboza

Graphic Designer

Sound & Music Engineer.

Julio Monzon

Sound Engineer